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Available For Individuals
LGTP Low Gluten Altar Breads For Individuals 1 3/8 “ diameter, plain white, no design, individually wrapped breads in tamperproof cellophane bags, 25 breads / box, less than 20 PPM gluten content
$11.95 ea Box of 25 FREE SHIPPING
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Low-Gluten Travel Packs
Parish Crossroads of Indiana
LOW-GLUTEN TRAVEL PACKS FOR SALE DIRECTLY TO INDIVIIDUALS. Each package contains 25 individual communion wafers; each wafer wrapped and sealed in a permanent tamper proof cellophane packaging. Each wafer is accompanied by a small card certifying its authenticity and approval by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for use in the Catholic Liturgy. The individual need only take one un-opened cellophane package with one wafer for presentation to the parish staff and/or priest, thus providing the priest with the assurances that the wafer constitutes valid matter and is approved for use in the celebration of the Eucharist. By having wafers individually packaged and sealed up until the time of use, the individual is assured and protected against cross contamination. The individual is asked to present the package UN-OPENED so that the priest is assured that the wafer has not been tamper with. The tamper proof seal will make it obvious if the package/wafer may have been compromised. Note that once the package is opened by parish officials or by the individual, we cannot guarantee that cross contamination does not occur in the handing of the breads. THESE WAFERS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE FROM OUR ONLINE STORE. JUST CLICK "ADD TO CART" BUTTON ABOVE AND THEN CHANGE THE NUMBER OF BOXES OF TRAVEL PACK WAFERS YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE. ONE BOX CONTAINS 25 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED AND SEALED WAFERS. You may then checkout using your credit card and PayPal's secure transaction server. Features By providing individually wrapped hosts that have been previously approved by the USCCB, the priest and parish staff avoid the necessity of having to confirm that an individual host otherwise presented was indeed valid matter for the celebration of the Eucharist. This saves the priest or parish staff from an awkward discussion regarding the need for valid matter and also saves the individual the need for an explanation. The individually wrapped, tamper proof packaging prevents cross contamination while providing the individual the flexibility and peace of mind of using their own supply of breads. Individuals should note that some parishes will supply these breads themselves as they may have a larger demand from regular parishioners. Still, the individual may find them convenient when traveling or on vacation.